Bruce Rowles has been twisting and tweaking his photographs and Pen and Ink drawings to make unique art images with the help of today's computer technology.


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Bruce took a year off Art School in 1983, and moved to Whistler to get the ski bug out of his system, never went back.


He began shooting skiing for resource material for his airbrush paintings, and eventually shot more and painted less. With the invention of programs like Photoshop he began doing artwork into photographs for ski company advertising and magazines.


Bruce’s photos and artwork have been published in magazines worldwide, and he has worked on numerous ski movies, T.V. ads and motion pictures, over the past 30 years.


On top of skiing he shoots various other sports, as well as lifestyle, wildlife, scenery.


Much of his more recent work deals with photo manipulated model images.





Also after 30 + years as a photographer in Whistler, he has a large collection of images of the area, the people,  and wildlife, plus the events and history of the town, going back to the early 80s.


Bruce's work has been published in many magazines.